What muscles can you work on a vibrating machine?

A vibrating machine can be an extremely useful fitness tool for people with a busy schedule, who don’t have the time to hit the gym daily but want to stay in shape and to keep their muscles strong and toned.

Unlike most gym machines which only work isolated groups of muscles, a vibrating exercise machine allows one to target multiple body areas at once, as the vibrations are sent throughout the entire body. Curious to know what exercises can be done on a whole body vibration platform and what specific muscle groups you can work with a vibrating machine? Read on!

  1. Abs and core area

Planks are excellent for toning and strengthening the core area, shoulders and arms, and the great news is that when you do them on a WBV machine, the intensity of your fitness routine increases, therefore the muscles are worked in a more efficient manner.

The platform sends energy waves through your body and these make the muscle fibers contract several times a minute, so a 1-minute plank on a WBV machine can be a lot more demanding than the same exercise performed on the ground.

Plus, you can simply sit on the platform in the V-sit position and let it work your abdominals. And if you’re willing to test your limit, try some side planks as well, for your obliques and arms. Then, stand up and try some balance exercises, as these will work your postural muscles – including those in your core - very efficiently.

  1. Glutes and legs

A vibrating exercise machine is usually perceived as a tool for the lower body only, but as previously shown, it’s effective in targeting the core as well. Now, speaking of the lower body, you can work absolutely all muscles in your legs, hips and glutes with a WBV platform, as you can perform the exercises that you regularly do at the gym.

Squats, lunges, side lunges, balance exercises, calf raises and many other exercises that target the quads, hamstrings, glutes or calves can be performed on a vibrating platform, with very good results in terms of muscle strength, shape and tone.

  1. Arms, shoulders and back muscles

Although you might think a vibrating machine isn’t efficient when it comes to working the upper body, the truth is you can get a pretty tough training session for your arms, shoulders, back and even chest muscles if you own a WBV platform.

Whether you do push-ups or triceps dips, you’ll surely feel your muscles burning and working even harder than during classical body-weight exercises. Once you’re done with the upper body training, you can get a massage for the back muscles and arms using the same vibrating exercise machine, so it’s more than convenient to buy such a tool for home training.